Southern Car Club are sad to announce the untimely passing of one of its most influential members, Alex Mellon. Alex had been suffering from Chronic Pulmonary Disease for a number of years, and more recently it had affected his mobility.

In his earlier business career, when based in London, Alex had been associated with high-end business magazines and fledgling Formula1 teams, both as an advertising salesman and then as a sponsor handler.

One of his early forays into rallying, resulted in a ground breaking sponsorship deal for low alcohol beer brand Clausthaler to support Trevor Smith in a Ford Sierra Cosworth in the British Championship, which is when I first met Alex.

After moving to Bournemouth, Alex joined the Rallye Sunseeker organising team as Marketing Manager. For fifteen years he held that post until the events unforeseen demise at the end of 2013. Rallye Sunseeker has often been held up as a model blend of rally action and marketing expertise, a fact that is as much down to Alex as anyone else. A true salesman, his book of contacts and telephone numbers was legendary.

Alex also used his skills to raise money for various local charities, often allied to the Rallye Sunseeker Charity Dinner which became well known amongst local business owners who loyaly supported both the rally and charities.

Sadly, it seems that he left no known relatives, having parted from a long-time partner some years ago. I was proud to have worked alongside Alex and I believe he will be fondly remembered by many.

Rick Smith

Obituary: Ray Davis

Southern Car Club was saddened to hear of the recent death of one of the clubs earliest members and a long time chairman Ray Davis.

Ray was chair from the late 60’s through to the mid 1970’s. He was instrumental in organising some of the clubs most memorable events in those days. Including the ‘regularity’ rally at Eelmore Plain in Aldershot – which was a thinly disguised single venue rally, although such events did not exist then! Ray was also responsible for route PR on the Kleber Southern Rally in the early 70’s, an event which was the basis for Rallye Sunseeker today.

Members who have been around since those formative years of the club will well remember Rays mighty Vauxhall Velox, which he used on road rallies and autotests, it must still be the only car associated with SCC to have its own birthday party & cake!

I had the great honour of taking over from Ray as Chairman of SCC, and it is tribute to him that he left a very successful club in my custody.

Southern sends it sincerest condolences to daughter Gillian, Rays family and friends.