Brief Notes On The Early History Of Southern Car Club

23rd September 1958

The inaugural meeting. There is no record of where this meeting was held, but it was probably at The George Hotel in Morden. Those present at the meeting were John Woodham, Peter Cooper, Brian Fairman, Eric Crofts, Arthur Thain, Jean Thain and Phyllis Thain. The meeting was held to generally discuss the formation of a motor club: arrange the next meeting for October 4th, set a Treasure Hunt date for Sunday October 12th. The Agenda for the 4th October meeting included: Name of Club, Officials, subscription Rate, future meeting place and time.

4th October 1958

Again there is no record of where this meeting was held. Temporary committee elected. Members to make enquiries about possible venues for future meetings. Temporary name for club ‘St. George’s’  – matter to be discussed again at next meeting on 13th October.

13th October 1958

The name The Georgian Car Club was decided upon. For a trial period of  four weeks meetings would be held in the room above the King’s Head, Mitcham Cricket Green which could be rented for £1.00 per evening. A levy of one shilling was to be imposed upon those attending and any deficit would be made up from the surplus of the Treasure Hunt which was £1/9s/9d.

8th January 1959

At some stage the name was changed as the First Annual General Meeting which was held at the King’s Head, Mitcham was the first meeting of the South of the Thames Car Club.

4th January 1960

The Second AGM, held at The Morden Tavern, refers to South Thames Car Club.

8th January 1962

AGM Minutes still refer to South Thames Car Club.

7th January 1963

The AGM is the first mention of SOUTHERN CAR CLUB.

6th January 1964

This was the AGM of Southern Car Club and the Minutes refer to the fact that 1963 was their first full year as an RAC Club.