Submit Your Club Championship Points Online

Good news! We have recently set up a form so you can claim your points for the Southern Car Club Member Championship here.

The Southern Car Club Member Championship is open to members. Points are awarded for participation in events such as competing, volunteering and supporting the club.

At the end of the year we present the following awards to the persons who score the most points:

  • Gentleman Driver of the Year
  • Lady Driver of the Year
  • Road Rally Driver of the Year (To include all permit 12 cars, Scatter and Navigational Road Rallies)
  • Stage Rally Driver of the Year
  • Navigator of the Year
  • Speed Driver of the Year
  • Race Driver of the Year
  • Autotest Driver of the Year
  • Trials Driver of the Year
  • J R Young Trophy (See section 2 in regulations)
  • Marshals Trophy (See section 3 in regulations)
  • Karting Driver of the Year (See section 4 in regulations)
  • Hannah’s ARTS Trophy (See section 5 in regulations)
  • Service Crew of the Year

Rules are the necessary forms to claim your points can be found here.

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