Sunday 13th August 2017

Treasure Hunt starts at 14.00 from Hollesley Farm

route between 40 & 50 miles, no maps required.

Barbecue at 17.00 hours, bring your own drinks

Slalom…after the BBQ!

Southern Car Club members – everything is FREE to you!

​Non-members pay just £5 per person for the BBQ


Please signify your attendance by e mailing, telling us:

1. how many people are in your car

2. how many non SCC members are in your party

Pay the non-member £5 per head at the event

This event is brought to you, courtesy of the Brian Hugh Memorial Fund and with the kind assistance of the Utting family


Newbury Dolphin Motor Club Charitable Classic Tour on Sunday, 24th September 2017

Newbury Dolphin Motor Club will organise a Charitable Classic Tour on Sunday, 24th September 2017 in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

Dolphin Motor Club, Newbury, are pleased to announce the inaugural running of the ‘Pistons & Props Tour’: a charity classic car tour in aid of The BriAsh Heart FoundaAon run through the finest country lanes, villages and tourist aFracAons of West Berkshire, North Hampshire and East Wiltshire. The 120 mile route will take in the scenic beauty of the Test Valley, neolithic and stone age history, the Museum of Army Flying and the Atwell Wilson Motor Museum.


Southern Car Club Autosolo Events Part of ACSMC Autosolo Champtionship

In September Southern Car Club announced two Autosolo dates for 2017, 28th May and 7th October. We can confirm both events will run at Kempton Park Racecourse.
Today we are very happy to announce inclusion in the inaugural ACSMC Autosolo Championship 2017 (Championship Registration No: 39/2017).

The provisional championship calendar (19 Jan 2017) is as follows:
Round Date   Club
1     19-Feb Devizes MC (tbc)
2     19-Mar Farnborough DMC
3     09-Apr Bath MC
4     23-Apr Oxford MC
5     14-May Farnborough DMC
6     28-May Southern CC
7     10-Jun Newbury Dolphin MC
8     02-Jul Farnborough DMC
9     20-Aug Bath MC
10    17-Sep Farnborough DMC
11    01-Oct Oxford MC
12    07-Oct Southern CC

Key points (summarised, please refer to the published regulations):

  • Championship registration is open until 30th May 2017
  • Registration fee is £5
  • All cars must be currently registered for road use (no trade plates) with insurance and MOT (where applicable) and driven to the event.
  • Competitors must marshal on every championship event in which they compete. (thanks 🙂 )
  • A copy of the MSA Championship Registration form is available HERE.
  • Championship Regulations and Registration form is available HERE.


Southern Car Club are sad to announce the untimely passing of one of its most influential members, Alex Mellon. Alex had been suffering from Chronic Pulmonary Disease for a number of years, and more recently it had affected his mobility.

In his earlier business career, when based in London, Alex had been associated with high-end business magazines and fledgling Formula1 teams, both as an advertising salesman and then as a sponsor handler.

One of his early forays into rallying, resulted in a ground breaking sponsorship deal for low alcohol beer brand Clausthaler to support Trevor Smith in a Ford Sierra Cosworth in the British Championship, which is when I first met Alex.

After moving to Bournemouth, Alex joined the Rallye Sunseeker organising team as Marketing Manager. For fifteen years he held that post until the events unforeseen demise at the end of 2013. Rallye Sunseeker has often been held up as a model blend of rally action and marketing expertise, a fact that is as much down to Alex as anyone else. A true salesman, his book of contacts and telephone numbers was legendary.

Alex also used his skills to raise money for various local charities, often allied to the Rallye Sunseeker Charity Dinner which became well known amongst local business owners who loyaly supported both the rally and charities.

Sadly, it seems that he left no known relatives, having parted from a long-time partner some years ago. I was proud to have worked alongside Alex and I believe he will be fondly remembered by many.

Rick Smith

Southern Car Club’s Meeting Venue Changes

Dear all,

From Thursday 2nd June the regular meeting venue for social events changes from Reigate Manor Hotel to The Red Lion at Betchworth.

Over the last couple of months we had a couple of social meets at The Red Lion to test the water. The general consensus was the food (menu) was very good and drinks prices “very attractive”!

We will be organising a social event at The Red Lion every two weeks. Our last event at the Reigate Manor will be Noggin ‘n’ Natter on 26th May. Our first event of many at The Red Lion will be 2nd June. Keep an eye on our social diary for future events.


Kind regards,
The Committee.
Southern Car Club.

Forest stage rallying in Wales open letter from the MSA Chief Executive‏

Colnbrook, Tuesday 3 May 2016

An open letter from the MSA Chief Executive regarding forest stage rallying in Wales

You will be aware that there are no confirmed fees for accessing the Welsh forests for stage rallies beyond 31 May, following the expiration of our previous Master Agreement in December 2015. In contrast, new 2016 agreements for England and Scotland were agreed in January, based on 2015 prices plus RPI at 0.7 per cent.

Due to the fact that negotiations with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are ongoing, the MSA had not detailed the relevant figures publicly. However, since NRW has now published these figures on its website (click here) the MSA feels it appropriate to respond and bring you up to date with what is a very worrying situation for us all.

As you can see from the NRW figures, last year the MSA paid £339,000 for road repairs in the Welsh forests, but NRW says that its costs for reinstating the roads in 2015 actually totalled £655,000. NRW is currently negotiating on the firm basis that it will seek reimbursement of the total cost of reinstatement.

Assuming the quoted £655,000 figure is representative over more than one season, this would mean a doubling of Welsh forestry charges, and NRW currently intends to introduce these new rates from 1 June 2016.

The MSA continues to negotiate in an attempt to convince NRW (and the Welsh Government, of which NRW is a sponsored body) that rallying’s significance to Wales is felt far beyond the sport itself, and that this bigger picture must be taken into account during negotiations.

For us there are three separate but inextricably linked aspects to consider: the sport; the industry underpinning the sport; and economic impact upon – particularly rural – communities in Wales.

Regarding the sport, it is of course synonymous with Wales, both in terms of its heritage and also in the modern era as the host country for the UK’s round of the World Rally Championship, sponsored by the Welsh Government, with whom we enjoy an excellent and mutually beneficial relationship.

There is then the industry. Quoting from the Welsh Government’s Directory of Welsh Motorsport Companies 2014/2015: ‘Wales has a well-established automotive sector with over 150 companies employing more than 1500 workers generating a turnover of over £3billion annually.’ It continues: ‘In towns and valleys, nestled in industrial estates and enterprise parks are motorsport suppliers on the very top of their game. From high end engineering through to merchandising and clothing and racing circuits through to parts suppliers, Wales has a wealth of world class motorsport companies.’

Finally there is the economic impact. When a rally takes place in Wales, the immediate and calculable financial benefit is that competitors, marshals, officials and spectators visit the area for a day and often longer. The MSA has access to UK-wide data that, although now four years old, gives a good indication of this financial impact.

To summarise that data, based on a one-day forest event with 120 competing crews, to include arrival on the previous day and some staying over to the following day, competitors are estimated to bring approximately £99,500 to the region. Marshals, officials and visitors are estimated to bring £345,000, giving a combined total of £444,500. With 10 national forest events running in Wales, this equates to £4.45million.

If we add Wales Rally GB, which alone creates a staggering £10million for the Welsh economy, we can reasonably conclude that forest stage rallying is worth approximately £15million a year to Wales. And that does not even take into account the promotional value of these events, some of which have a global media reach.

We hope that NRW can look beyond its balance sheet and fully appreciate these many benefits, so that there can be much more opportunity for negotiation. And while we must now accept that there will inevitably be an increase in charges, these could certainly be far more realistic and also introduced over a greater period, rather than overnight, which could potentially have a catastrophic impact upon a proud part of Wales’ sporting heritage.

Your governing body will continue to seek the best possible deal but we should not be in any doubt that the immediate and long-term future of rallying in the Welsh forests is currently very uncertain.

In the meantime, we would encourage those of you voting in Wales on Thursday to contact your new or returning Assembly Member to ensure that they are fully aware of your concerns for what Wales may stand to lose.

And if you do not live in Wales but nonetheless have a stake in Welsh rallying, whether by competing, volunteering or spectating in the Welsh forests and thereby filling your petrol tanks on Welsh forecourts, eating in Welsh restaurants, sleeping in Welsh B&Bs or buying goods and services from Welsh motorsport companies, please also make sure that your voice is heard, before it is too late.

Yours in motorsport,

Rob Jones

Issued by the Motor Sports Association, Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, SL3 0HG
T: +44 (0)1753 765000 E:

New Forest Treasure Hunt

With huge thanks to Mark Cone, we can now officially announce the New Forest Treasure Hunt.

Saturday 14th May. 9:45am, first starter at 10:00am.
Start point, Rownhams Service Station, M27 Westbound, SO16 8AP
End point, High Corner Inn, Linwood, BH24 3QY

The route is around 50 miles and takes in large parts of the New Forest National Park. Come and see the beauty and hidden treasures of this area and learn some of the history along the way!
The route should take you around two and a half to three hours to complete and we will end with lunch in a typical New Forest pub.

To enter and for more details, please contact

Event Results Back Online

We continue to develop our current website we have recently transferred our results archive to the new site.

Results are now available from events as far back as The Sunseeker Powerboats Winter Rally in 1995.

Future events will of course be posted as up as and when.

You can find the results

Submit Your Club Championship Points Online

Good news! We have recently set up a form so you can claim your points for the Southern Car Club Member Championship here.

The Southern Car Club Member Championship is open to members. Points are awarded for participation in events such as competing, volunteering and supporting the club.

At the end of the year we present the following awards to the persons who score the most points:

  • Gentleman Driver of the Year
  • Lady Driver of the Year
  • Road Rally Driver of the Year (To include all permit 12 cars, Scatter and Navigational Road Rallies)
  • Stage Rally Driver of the Year
  • Navigator of the Year
  • Speed Driver of the Year
  • Race Driver of the Year
  • Autotest Driver of the Year
  • Trials Driver of the Year
  • J R Young Trophy (See section 2 in regulations)
  • Marshals Trophy (See section 3 in regulations)
  • Karting Driver of the Year (See section 4 in regulations)
  • Hannah’s ARTS Trophy (See section 5 in regulations)
  • Service Crew of the Year

Rules are the necessary forms to claim your points can be found here.

Obituary: Ray Davis

Southern Car Club was saddened to hear of the recent death of one of the clubs earliest members and a long time chairman Ray Davis.

Ray was chair from the late 60’s through to the mid 1970’s. He was instrumental in organising some of the clubs most memorable events in those days. Including the ‘regularity’ rally at Eelmore Plain in Aldershot – which was a thinly disguised single venue rally, although such events did not exist then! Ray was also responsible for route PR on the Kleber Southern Rally in the early 70’s, an event which was the basis for Rallye Sunseeker today.

Members who have been around since those formative years of the club will well remember Rays mighty Vauxhall Velox, which he used on road rallies and autotests, it must still be the only car associated with SCC to have its own birthday party & cake!

I had the great honour of taking over from Ray as Chairman of SCC, and it is tribute to him that he left a very successful club in my custody.

Southern sends it sincerest condolences to daughter Gillian, Rays family and friends.