Welcome to Southern Car Club's home page. Southern Car Club is one of the largest motor clubs in the South of England, with around 150 members. We have a number of members competing, and we previously organised the final round of the MSA British Rally Championship, Rallye Dorset, based in Poole. We run a number of club events, as well as various social events.

Southern Car Club is a member of ACSMC, ASEMC, ASWMC, WAMC and affiliated to the Motor Sports Association.

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15th January

Southern Car Club will be running Autotests at Kempton again this year, with the first one on 26th May. Share with your friends who and see who will take the challenge - cars must be road-going ones!

Motorsport UK
Did you know you can compete in motorsport events in your road car?

Check out MSA Safety Administrator Kyle Jackson in action on the Brooklands Autotest on Sunday.

For more information on Autotesting, visit: bit.ly/1MtFoZR
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8th January

Any provisional dates for the Kempton Park Autosolos? Looking to plan the year! 🙄 ... See MoreSee Less

27th December

www.facebook.com/251540445011886/posts/1193648640801057/750 Motor Clubs event - Plum Pudding Historic Trials on Saturday 29th December are in need of marshals. Food will be provided for the Marshals.
No experience necessary.

Location: Head Down, Queen Elizabeth Country Park. GU31 5SN. Map ref 197/733181
The venue is on the east side of the lane which goes from the cross roads in Buriton to Chalton.

Follow the arrows to the location.

Sign on by 10.00.
Start at 10:30.

Catering and toilets are onsite.

Easy parking on the side of the track and only a short walk to the hills.

Please let Paul Faulkner know if you can help by marshalling by calling 07770 771901
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  • Southern Car Club event press release

    Southern Car Club event press release

    2018 is going to be an exciting year for Southern Car Club (SCC), as it works to put on new events aimed at developing grass roots motorsport.
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed marshals’ press release

    Goodwood Festival of Speed marshals’ press release

    The countdown is on for Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018. This year the event celebrates its Silver Jubilee and it will reflect on the moments, machines and people who have …


    Friday 6th April is the date of the SCC 12 car road rally, the first the club has organised on over 30 years! We have a full entry PLUS reserves, …


      HUGH HUNT, BBQ & SLALOM! Sunday 13th August 2017 Treasure Hunt starts at 14.00 from Hollesley Farm route between 40 & 50 miles, no maps required. Barbecue at 17.00 hours, bring your …

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