Welcome to Southern Car Club's home page. Southern Car Club is one of the largest motor clubs in the South of England, with around 150 members. We have a number of members competing, and we previously organised the final round of the MSA British Rally Championship, Rallye Dorset, based in Poole. We run a number of club events, as well as various social events. We meet at the The Red Lion, Betchworth on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday of the month from 8:30pm.

Southern Car Club is a member of ACSMC, ASEMC, ASWMC, WAMC and affiliated to the Motor Sports Association.

Southern Car Club, in partnership with Farnborough District Motor Club, are organisers of Aldershot Rally for Heroes based from Aldershot, the spiritual home of the British Army. For more information click here.


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9th December

Steve Rider hosted the FIA prize giving last night. In January he will be guest of honour at Southern car clubs dinner dance. One night handing out the F1 winners trophy the next handing out the prestigious SCC driver of the year trophy. Word is Lewis heard about it and is putting in his claim forms as we speak! ... See MoreSee Less

Lewis Hamilton gets his hands on the world championship trophy for the FOURTH time - and there's a special guest on stage to celebrate with him 🏆🏆🏆🏆

9th November

Last month was our Froude AutoSolo and we had a great group of competitors and marshals involved. We caught up with Lee Robinson and Tom Caldecourt, who both came top in their respective classes, to talk about what got them involved in car clubs and the car that caught everyone’s eye at the AutoSolo:

What made you want to get involved with a car club?
Lee Robinson (LR): Originally to start competing on club events. Rallying was always my main target.
Tom Caldecourt (TC): I have a passion for anything with an engine in it and after kart racing at University I wanted to get into car club motorsport.

What was your first car club event?
LR: 12 Car Road Rally in my Nan’s 1.0 litre Peugeot 205. It was an icy night and my brother Dan was navigating. We got to the first corner which was covered in ice and we went off! Dan had to get out and push us when he put his foot in a ditch full of icy water and dropped his maps. I stayed behind the wheel with the heater on. We had to clean the car in a petrol station before dropping it back to Nan!
TC: My first car club event was with the Westfield Sports Car Club in a sprinting event.

What car did you compete in at the AutoSolo?
LR: With my rally car off the road we wanted to do something that was easy and fun. Dan got given the car (Ford Puma) so we decided to give it a go.
TC: A Mazda MX-5.

Which of the competitors’ cars would you have liked to take out on one of the runs?
LR: The Porsche 911. I’m still a rear wheel drive man at heart and it sounded great.
TC: There was an epic 911 that looked like a lot of fun!

Highlight of the day?
LR: Beating my brother Dan.
TC: Coming top of my class.

Challenge of the day?
LR: Trying not to rub it in Dan’s on the way home. We took his car and its a long walk from Kempton Park to Dorking!
TC: Maintaining some self control and not over driving.

What do you enjoy about the AutoSolo events?
LR: Easy to do, cheap and being able to share a car adds a fun element. Also it’s a really great day and the organising team are a good laugh.
TC: It’s a different driving style compared with circuit driving and very competitive at a low cost for motorsport.

What advice do you have for people looking to join a car club/compete?
LR: Do it! Try all the events and find what you like.
TC: Jump in and give it a try. It’s great fun!

For further information about how to get involved in motorsport, the MSA UK website has some great tips.
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2nd November

AutoSolo events have grown considerably in recent years, with the level of interest increasing amongst competitors. The main reason AutoSolo events have become so popular are because they offer a great deal of in car competition and are great value for money. This is particularly important for young people wanting to get involved with grass roots motorsport. We caught up with Joseph Dalgarno, who was the Junior Class winner of our AutoSolo event held at Kempton Park in October, to find out what it’s like starting out in motorsport.

‘“From an early age I’ve been able to drive around the fields and farm yard at home and my passion for cars and driving has been building ever since.” Joe made the first move into amateur motorsport last year when he joined Basingstoke Motor Club and after taking part in an Autotest at Popham airfield, he knew he wanted to get involved in as many competitions as possible, “I heard about Southern Car Club from another member of Basingstoke Motor Club and I really wanted to take part. I’ve actually competed in another AutoSolo since, at Sparsholt, where I came second in my class. So I’m searching for my next event now!” Joe did a fantastic job during the Froude AutoSolo, setting quick and consistent times throughout the tests in his 2003 MG ZR. Which of the competitors’ cars did he have his eye on though? “I would’ve really liked to have taken one of the Mazda MX-5’s around one of the courses!” Even though Joe’s motorsport journey has just begun, he has plenty of goals he hopes to achieve within the sport, “I have always wanted to be able to do track racing, such as touring cars.” Joe is also hoping other young people get involved with grass roots motorsport, “My advice would be to do as many competitions as you can and most importantly enjoy them!”’

If you would like to find out more, the Motor Sports Association website also has some great information and tips on how to get involved in motorsport near you.
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  HUGH HUNT, BBQ & SLALOM! Sunday 13th August 2017 Treasure Hunt starts at 14.00 from Hollesley Farm route between 40 & 50 miles, no maps required. Barbecue at 17.00 hours, bring your own drinks Slalom…after the BBQ! Southern Car Club members - every[...]

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Kempton Park AutoSOLO Regs Published & Entries Open

Southern Car Club are very excited to announce the Regulations have been published for the AutoSOLO being organised by Southern Car Club as part of the ACSMC AutoSOLO Championship 2017 on Sunday 28th May. The event will be held at Kempton Park horse race course in Surrey. Interest in the events i[...]

Club Events

  1. Rod Wray 12-Car Blackpalfrey

    January 19, 2018
  2. Southern Car Club Annual Awards Dinner 2018 with Steve Rider

    January 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - January 21, 2018 @ 12:00 am
  3. Rod Wray 12-Car Croydon

    February 16, 2018
  4. Rod Wray 12-Car Eastbourne

    March 9, 2018
  5. Rod Wray 12-Car Southern Car Club

    April 6, 2018