Welcome to Southern Car Club's home page. Southern Car Club is one of the largest motor clubs in the South of England, with around 150 members. We have a number of members competing, and we previously organised the final round of the MSA British Rally Championship, Rallye Dorset, based in Poole. We run a number of club events, as well as various social events.

Southern Car Club is a member of ACSMC, ASEMC, ASWMC, WAMC and affiliated to Motorsport UK.

24th November

Regs are out NOW for the Brands Hatch Stages Rally which is our round of the MSN Rally Championship and entries will open this Thursday (26th) at 19.00

We expect entries to fill VERY quickly so ensure you get your fully completed (TBC does NOT count) entry done straight away.

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23rd November

Thought we’d best post something related to the event and how we’re doing for entries 😀

There are a limited number of spaces left, and that’s all because an amazing 85!! 👍 crews have entered so far which is brilliant news.

Some truly amazing cars and people, with a few key points below.

There are former...

World Rally Champions ✅

British Rally Champions ✅

Welsh Rally Champions ✅

BTRDA Champions ✅

More than 10 BDG engined Escorts ! ✅

Plus a full range of cars from 1960 to 2001 ✅

We’d love to hear some of your guesses on who’s entered and what cars 😀🕵️‍♂️ comment below

Entries available here www.rallies.info/webentry/2021/chesterrevival/index.php

Celica owned by SVP Motorsport
#rallyrevival #rallying #westonpark #motorsport #oultonpark #wrexham
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23rd November

In memory of Colin McRae. A story from Simon Davison

So Beef and I are in the Gravel Car on the motorway. The rally is over, with the exception of the final service. Colin has won the rally and our man - Burnsie - has had his best result yet completing a 1-2-3 for Subaru. Colin has driven magnificently - winning the rally despite stopping and changing a puncture mid stage, and deservedly won the World Championship. Or at least that will be confirmed once he safely makes it back to service - as rally folk know - it’s not over until that final time card is handed in. You can imagine the rally radios within the team and we’re listening in - we’re all tired but thrilled at the outcome. During the long drive back to service we slip into a brief lull as we look forward to the inevitable celebrations later. Then “BANG!” - Beef and I nearly shit ourselves wondering what the fuck had happened - the BANG is followed by our car accelerating like crazy and I look in the rear view mirror - and it looks like Colin and Derek are sitting in the back seat - they are THAT CLOSE - Colin had just rammed us up the rear and was now catapulting us down the motorway - accelerating their car - AND OURS - at full chat - the pair of them laughing their heads off. Our 70mph becomes well over a ton - and stays there for a good while - before Colin finally relents - disconnecting his car from the rear of ours - and pulls out and passes us horns blazing and laughing like hell. I was thinking things like “what if he holes the radiator?” - I didn’t dare brake or do anything sudden in case I caused it! But I’m not Colin. I could tell you a ton of other stories and they’re all outrageous. By God I miss him. He was as funny as hell, he reinvented crazy - and on his day - the best there’s ever been - no question.
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    Friday 6th April is the date of the SCC 12 car road rally, the first the club has organised on over 30 years! We have a full entry PLUS reserves, …